This page is dedicated to stories about our products, and the people who play a role in growing or making them.  Levantine food is natural, earthy and wholesome while also full of colour and flavour.  Learn more about the history of these various food products, what goes into making them, as well as tips on how to use them below.

Capture a glimpse into the lives of our artisan producers, including women from various cooperatives.  As you can see from the map, our suppliers are spread out in various locations throughout the West Bank.  Each one is indicated by the MV logo. We believe its important to understand where our foods hail from, and hope you find it interesting as well. From our freekeh to our sumac, each of our products has thousands of stories and we are only beginning to scratch the surface.  Our hope is that by understanding a bit more about the lives and traditions of these various growers, artisans and entrepreneurs, your experience with our Moon Valley speciality foods will be enriched. 

We are proud of our partnership with our primary local supplier New Farm Company. NFC represent various cooperative suppliers throughout the West Bank, and have a FSSC 22000 certified packing facility based near Ramallah in the town of Ein Sinya. We are continuously working closely with the NFC team to identify new high quality products to offer our customers.

Keep an eye on this page as we add more photos and anecdotes about our specialty food products, including their history, provenance, relevant recipes and the varied stories of our select group of artisan producers.


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