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We hope you enjoy reading more about our new range of Middle Eastern speciality products. Please reach out to us directly if you have an interest in placing an order, or if you just have general feedback, any and all comments are welcome! For the time being we are not set up for e-commerce, but most of our products are available to order from our friends at Ottolenghi, delivered to your door anywhere in the UK, Europe and North America. Also, be sure and pick up a Moon Valley kit to sample the full range here. Add some Middle Eastern flavours to your pantry, and as well makes beautiful gifts for friends & family!



Olive Oil

Home to some of the world's most ancient olive trees, olive oil from Palestine is renowned worldwide. Cultivated today exactly as they were thousands of years ago, Palestinian olive trees are completely pesticide free and rain irrigated.

The cooperative that supplies Moon Valley won the National Palestinian Olive Oil Tasting Panel’s Best Quality Award in 2012, a body overseen by the Palestinian Standards Institute. With an acidity level below 0.28%, our olive oil is characterized by a pungent fruity flavour with earthy undertones. Find out more about Moon Valley extra virgin olive oil here.

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Grape Molasses

This traditional grape juice reduction has been used for centuries throughout the Middle East. Used as a dip either by itself, or mixed with tahini. Try it with fresh baked pitta bread, biscuits, or pieces of fruit as a healthy dessert or with your afternoon tea.

It can also be used as a healthier sweetener when baking or cooking, or to add depth of flavour and a touch of sweetness to a homemade salad dressing. Find out more about Moon Valley grape molasses here.

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Many Middle Eastern dishes would lose that ‘zing’ were it not for a touch of sumac. It is one of those beautiful ingredients that add not only flavour but visual appeal as well.

Moon Valley sources the purest sumac from the hills north of Jerusalem, an area renowned for its high quality sumac berries. You simply will not find a better sumac in terms of colour or flavour anywhere in the world. Click here to find out more about our sumac and the women who make it.

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There’s tahini, and there’s tahini. Ours is produced by renowned tahini specialists Karawan in the Palestinian city of Nablus.

The Tamam family have been making this special tahini for years, consistently picked by locals and chefs alike as a tahini unrivalled in depth of flavour and silkiness of texture. We dare you to try and it and tell us you don’t agree.

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Aside from perhaps olive oil, nothing is more central to Palestinian cuisine than za'atar. Consumed by Palestinians and many fellow Levantines daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it truly is a ‘food of the people’.

Dip fresh bread in olive oil, followed by a dip in the za'atar mix. Have alongside a plate of fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, a bowl olives and ideally some labneh (or try Greek Yoghurt if labneh unavailable if your area), and you have the perfectly simple yet delicious Palestinian breakfast. Za'atars vary in quality according to the ingredients, and you won’t find better than Moon Valley’s. We have devoted considerable time and effort to ensuring our special mix is made up of the highest quality ingredients, including thyme, sumac, sesame, salt and touch of olive oil.

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Whole Grain Freekeh

Freekeh is the latest 'superfood' to hit the scene, and is all the rage with foodies and healthy eaters alike.

Harvested while still green, freekeh retains all of its nutritional benefits, is chock full of protein, complex carbs, and has about 4 times the fibre of other similar grains.The traditional post-harvest roasting process gives freekeh its prized smokey aroma, giving depth of flavour to pilafs, soups, salads or stews. Read more about Moon Valley freekeh here.

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Crushed Freekeh

Crushed freekeh is simply a ground version of the whole grain. It is best used in soups or as a stuffing, although ideally suited to salads and various takes on freekeh-based burgers or patties as well.


Our maftoul is made from whole-grain flour, hand-rolled and sun-dried by women applying traditional techniques dating back hundreds of years.

Although similar to couscous, maftoul’s larger size and bulgur wheat grain core give it added texture. Boiled or steamed, maftoul makes an excellent accompaniment to meat dishes or as a base for salads. Read more about the women making our traditional maftoul here.

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Medjoul Dates

Enormous, juicy, succulent… These are but a few of the adjectives used to describe what has been called “Date of the Kings”.

Known among date connoisseurs as unparalleled in terms of size, texture and flavour, ours come from the Jericho area of the Jordan Valley. Available in 250g or 500g packs, we have large, jumbo and super jumbo Grade A medjoul dates.


large datesLarge

Jumbo datesJumbo

Super Jumbo datesSuper Jumbo

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