Our Mission

Moon Valley Enterprises is a UK based social enterprise founded in 2009, marketing a range of premium quality Middle Eastern food products sourced primarily from leading Palestinian growers in the West Bank as well as some of the best agricultural producers in Jordan and Lebanon.

We work closely with farmers and artisan producers, including women’s cooperatives, to develop successful agricultural businesses by providing assistance in agronomy, product development, marketing, logistics and sustainability.  Whilst it operates on a strictly commercial basis, embedded in Moon Valley’s business model is a mission to upgrade agricultural standards in order to allow local growers and artisan producers to access a broader range of markets.

This mission is market-driven in the sense that Moon Valley customers expect the highest standards in quality, traceability, pesticide management as well as food safety and hygiene.  As well, there is a strong social element to the mission as Moon Valley deeply believes in the importance of the agricultural sector throughout the region, and its ability to contribute to overall economic development and prosperity.