We realize that some of our products may be new to some, which is why we want to provide useful, tasty recipes for you to try at home.  Some were developed by our friends at Ottolenghi and Jerusalem-based Chefs For Peace, while others were dreamed up by our own team.  We are excited about the quality and taste of our foods, and hope you will be too.  

We are still building our recipe catalogue, so please do check back for updates and definitely keep an eye out for the Moon Valley Recipe of the Month. We’d love for you to share some of your own recipes with us!  If you agree, then we may post them here so that others can try your dish as well.

Freekeh is all the rage lately, so we have quite a few innovative recipes for you to try, which we hope you'll love as much as we do!  The salads in particular make for great summer dishes either casually at home, or to share with friends and family at a picnic or dinner party.


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